Message from the Chairman

Over the past ten years, Avary Holding has grown from a small company engaged in PCB production to the world's largest manufacturer in the PCB industry. Given the company’s rapid development, as the Board Chairman, I have been thinking about what kind of company Avary Holding should become, and what our mission should be? What is the vision that our company should be developing towards?

I always believe that the culture and core values of a company are the cornerstone for that company’s sustainable development and long-term success. The value of an enterprise should not only be derived from the growth of revenue and profits. The most important thing is for the company to be able to take responsibility for its employees, clients, strategic partners, shareholders, and society at large, while also earning a profit, and in this way we can be respected by all our employees, clients, strategic partners, stakeholders , and society at large, and thrive sustainably. To this end, Avary Holding holds fast to its core values of "integrity, responsibility, innovation, excellence, and altruism". Our mission is "to advance the development of science and technology, benefit humankind, better protect the environment, and to make the earth a better place." We will use this mission statement as the ultimate principle for the company's development, and to make Avary lead the world’s PCB industry with honor and pride.

The company’s name, "Avary", represents our commitment to operate sustainably, to steadily seek out innovation, to respond to changes as they happen, and to make our products ubiquitous and universally known; to soar with the purity and grace of an eagle and hunt just as skillfully. We also hope to further cooperate with our elite base of clients and strategic partners to further develop and work together to help“make our world a better place”.